21 Feb 2018
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14 Nov 2017

How Important Is Your Gut Health?

How Important Is The Health Of Your Gut? 70% of the body’s immune function is located in the gastrointestinal tract. Gut flora aids our innate immune system response and the Brain/Mood health is affected by the intestines and good flora. Hormones are also affected by your gut health…

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24 Oct 2017
03 Oct 2017
09 Aug 2017

Wrist and Forearm – Desk Exercise

Of all the common injuries that keep us from using our hands, one of the most annoying is damage to the wrist, usually from chronic overuse. The usual culprits that lead to chronic wrist problems are those that are manually repetitive in nature. This includes activities that range from typing to tennis; and from working on cars to working in the garden. Even doing strengthening exercises, like bench press and curls, can damage the wrists over time, especially if you don’t use proper technique or forget to stretch after your workout.

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27 Jul 2017
07 Jul 2017
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