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Besides treating the ailments with medicines, what else can be better than providing treatment to the body by using its natural painkillers? And what if you come to know about a therapy that stimulates the body’s natural painkillers. Yes! We are talking about Acupuncture.

Method of Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a relatively painless procedure. It involves the insertion of small, thin, sterile, and single-use needles in specific acupuncture points. The person will feel a pricking or tingling sensation at the moment, and this sensation will subside after a while. It can be inserted, depending upon the condition.

How it works:

The patient can sense the responses where needles are inserted, at the local as well as distant sites produced by Acupuncture. Acupuncture works via a neurohormonal pathway that means it will stimulate the nerves. These nerves will send signals to the brain, and hormones called beta-endorphins are released.

It is known to have its effects on the autonomic nervous system that releases chemicals and controls the blood flow and pressure, which calms the brain. It also changes the regulation of blood flow, both centrally and peripherally.

Acupuncture can:


Promote relaxation


Fasten the healing process


Restoring energy levels


Hence, Acupuncture has proven its benefits by providing physiological effects to the body that will, in return, improves the mood and focus of the individual as the experience is quite soothing and pleasing.

Acupuncture and Massage – Integrating Two Therapies

Acupuncture – the ancient Chinese medical technique is a boon for well-being and health. The magic of tiny needles restores the body’s natural flow of energy, improves wellness by relieving the physical blocks, and stimulates the immune and hormonal system in the body.

Massage therapy – the process of relieving pain, rehabilitating injuries, reducing stress, and enhancing the body’s natural rhythm by manipulating the soft tissues. It is performed by licensed therapists to improve the flow of blood, lower muscular flaccidity, and enhance tissue healing.

When these two treatments are applied together, the results are more effective as both the techniques work on the healing process as a combination. The massage allows the body to be more receptive, making it comfortable for the acupuncture to speed up the recovery process.
Both these therapies, when combined, results in:


Accessing the body at different levels


Enhances the effectiveness of a complete treatment


Massage leaves the body more relaxed and receptive, making acupuncture more powerful


Relaxes body more


Speeds recovery



Both these practices are considered to be therapeutic sports medicines and are very popular among athletes as they assure speedy recovery by reducing the inflammation by stimulating chemicals to decrease swelling, which in turn improves the blood flow to the injury.

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