Allergy suffering is at an extreme high right now for many people in the Seattle, WA area. You don’t have to suffer!

Allergy Therapy is offered by Dr. Sheetal Woods at Vida Integrated Health.

SLIT THERAPY- Sub-lingual immunotherapy desensitizes the immune system to allergens. A 60 scratch test is performed by Dr. Woods on the patient with a control which is straight histamine and another control which is glycerin. This gives her the ability to compare the reactions after the scratches are completed. Within 2-5 minutes she measure the reactions to determine the treatment.  

With the results, she will then prescribe SLIT (sub-lingual immunotherapy) oral drops.  These drops will be given at the following doses:

-1st bottle: 1:100,000 dilution

-2nd bottle: 1:50,000 dilution

-3rd bottle: 1:25,000 dilution

Drops will continue until the patient is up to a 1:1 ratio with the allergens. These drops desensitizes the immune system to allergens, so it essentially decreases if not eliminates the histamine/immune reaction to these allergens. Strengthening the immune system using herbs and nutrients to decrease histamine reactions will also provide you relief.

To discuss with Dr. Woods if SLIT Therapy would be a solution to your allergies, request a Complimentary Consultation TODAY!

Dr. Sheetal Shah Woods
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Vida Seattle & Vida Bellevue