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Heat vs Ice – Which to Use?
Heat vs Ice – Which to Use?

One of the most common questions we are asked by our patients is whether they should use ice or heat on their area of pain – whether it’s a neck, ankle or low back.   The follow-up question to this is always, How do I know which one to use and when? First, let’s talk...

Is Grip Strength Important?
Is Grip Strength Important?

How did it feel the last time you opened a new jar of peanut butter?  Does the thought of using a can opener make your wrist cringe?  If the action or even the thought of that hurts, there’s a good chance your body is trying to tell you something. A recent study of...

Meet Dr. Diana Lam, Chiropractor

  Dr. Diana Lam was born in Lima, Peru and raised in the United states since age 7.  From age 13 till age 22 she suffered with migraines (3-4 times a week), a condition that she thought was hereditary.  After several...

The Power Of A Hug
The Power Of A Hug

Ever had a bad day and all you need is a hug?  There is a good reason for that.  The reality is that our skin is the largest organ that we have, and our skin was made to make contact.  This is why we get such great satisfaction when we touch things of different...


We offer an integrated approach to your recovery and health, giving you access to a range of treatment techniques and specialists - ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.
At Vida, our ultimate goal is to guide you back to the path of an active, pain-free and healthy lifestyle. That's why we use an integrated team approach that promotes faster recovery, allowing you to get back to doing what you love.



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