Wall Exercise- Upper Back and Chest

Problem Prevention: Upper Back and Chest

If you are constantly using a computer or smartphone, commuting daily for work, or sitting for long periods of time, chances are that you often have upper-back and neck stiffness, and you may even have chronic shoulder and neck pain.

Because most of the things we do in our lives lead us to sit in a slumped-over position, we are more likely to have many long term posture-related problems, like degeneration of the spine in the neck and upper/mid back.  Also, as this bad posture continues we may see a complete of the neck’s natural curve and an increase in symptoms, like headaches!

This is why doing these easy stretches are so important for your long term health.

Corner Pectoral Stretch:

1. Stand in the corner of a room, about 2 feet away from the wall.
2. Place one hand on each wall, about shoulder height, in line with the side of your body.
3. Take a step with either foot directly into the corner.
4. Allow yourself to lean forward into the corner, while looking  forward or slightly upward with the head.
5. Hold 30 seconds, you should feel the stretch in your chest and the upper back may feel relaxation.
6. Return to your previous upright position, and move your hands  up on the wall to head level.
7. Again lean into the corner as before, and hold the stretch 30 seconds.
8. Return once more to the previous upright position, this time placing your hands at chest level.
9. Lean one last time into the corner, holding the stretch for 30 seconds.

It does not matter which foot you use, the focus is in the upper back.  Remember that this is a gentle stretch; let your body weight do the stretching for you.

Pain in the wrists or shoulders may require further evaluation by your Chiropractor, Orthopedic Medical Doctor, or Physical Therapist for more serious conditions.

Performing this stretch once or twice daily will help to improve your posture, relax the upper back and shoulders, and help avoid neck problems too.

Don’t forget that changes in posture take time, so this stretch should definitely be part of your daily wellness routine.

Dr. Jimmy Greer, DC
Vida Everett

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