How Chiropractic Can Help With Chronic Headaches

When you are suffering from headaches, chiropractic treatment can help. By reducing the stress on your body, you can treat tension headaches. Contact Vida Integrated Health to find out more.

Headaches are an issue that many of us deal with. You might have visited your primary care doctor to find out what could be causing them, only to find out that there isn’t necessarily a clear cause. Headaches might be the result of stress, dehydration, tiredness, diet, environmental conditions, and many other factors. If you regularly suffer from headaches and are looking for an alternative to using painkillers to manage the pain and discomfort when they occur, chiropractic treatment offers a way to address them. Chiropractic treatments can be used to help reduce neck pain and different types of headaches, including migraines by getting to the root cause of the headaches.


Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches


Chiropractors can use several treatment methods to help with headaches. They may use spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustments to improve the functioning of the spine and help to relieve the stress on your body as a whole. They can also incorporate soft tissue manipulation, active release technique or myofascial decompression. A chiropractor can also provide you with lifestyle advice that helps you reduce the instances of headaches that you experience.

Chiropractic involves adjusting the alignment of your spine to reduce stress and tension. By relieving stress in the shoulders and neck, which is often the cause of tension headaches, it’s possible to reduce headaches. At Vida Integrated Health, our qualified and experienced chiropractors use multiple approaches to help clients with their headaches using chiropractic techniques. They can also offer lifestyle advice and changes that you can make to reduce stress.

A chiropractic adjustment can reduce nerve compression, relax muscles, and reduce pain and muscle dysfunction. When you have several chiropractic adjustments over a short period, it can also create accumulative effects over time to produce a long-term benefit. Regular chiropractic adjustments can be useful for people who often sit in the same position for long periods of time. Hunching over a desk or suffering from “tech neck” is a significant cause of tension headaches.

When you deal with stress in your daily life, chiropractor treatment makes it possible to deal with its effects on your body, especially when combined with Acupuncture treatments.


How to Prevent Headaches


The American Chiropractic Association offers a number of tips to help you prevent headaches. They suggest taking a break to stretch every 30 minutes if you spend extended periods of time in one position, such as sitting at a desk, reading, or using a sewing machine. You should stretch to move your neck and shoulders through a comfortable range of motion to release tension and stretch your muscles. They also suggest that low-impact exercise can help and that it’s important to avoid teeth clenching. Staying hydrated is also a key way to prevent headaches from occurring.

Check out some quick neck stretches with Vida’s Physical Therapist Aiko Araki, DPT at Vida Ravenna.


Dealing with stress can help to reduce tension in your neck and shoulders, as well as other parts of your body. Chiropractic treatment is one of the ways you can cut down on stress, using the treatment to release stress on your nervous system. Less stress will also help you to sleep better, avoid clenching your jaw and relax your muscles to reduce headaches.

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