Benefits Of An Integrated Health Team

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We like to refer to Vida as your Neighborhood Health Team. Why? In short, when you choose to work with us, you have full access to an entire team of healthcare professionals all working together, sharing chart notes to understand your whole body care. This way we ensure to provide you with a true integrated care plan, that overlooks your entire body.  

 We are all certain that team-work is very important when it comes to providing the best results. For simple reasons, more eyes on you can detect way more, and the opinions of several professionals generate an unbeatable synergy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Team-Work In The Healthcare Industry?

Greater Satisfaction

Patients tend to be more satisfied with their healthcare when their chosen health professionals collaborate towards a single goal: Improving your life. When this happens, there’s less confusion and the outcome is always enhanced by the combined insights of more than one professional. 

Improved Efficiency

Our team is deeply involved in your treatment plan and great service, this can significantly improve efficiency, as our specialists are able to utilize and allocate resources better, according to their skills and resources.

Increased Effectiveness 

There’s no doubt that having clear and thorough health plan with consistent communication from your health team is in the patient’s best interest to quickly reach their health goals.

A Holistic Approach 

Finally, but certainly not least, our team work approach to healthcare is focused on you, the patient, incorporating conventional diagnostics that allow us to identify the imbalances that could be the root cause of many problems (or potential ones). By working with a whole team of professionals who can view this from their own perspective you are much more likely to discover the true cause of your problems and to find a solution. 

Do you live in the Greater Seattle area and are in need of an integrated team approach to your health?

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