Dr. Diana Lam was born in Lima, Peru and raised in the United states since age 7.  From age 13 till age 22 she suffered with migraines (3-4 times a week), a condition that she thought was hereditary.  After several tests and exams to see what to do with her migraines she was referred to a chiropractor.  Once her chiropractic treatments started her whole world changed, her migraines started to disappear along with her inability to sleep and function day to day.

With that change she decided to dedicate her life to the profession. Dr. Diana received her Bachelors of Science in the University of Miami in 2004, and her Doctors of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2011 in Atlanta, GA.

She has been spreading the healing love of chiropractic everywhere she goes, has practiced in the heart of Atlanta, GA and in the sunny beaches of South Florida. Dr. Lam spent 4 years in her home country of Peru treating a variety of cases and working with patients of different ages, her youngest patient of 1 day old and oldest patient of 93.  She is looking forward to being back in the US working at Vida Integrated Health in Everett, bringing lasting changes to all patients.


Dr. Diana Lam, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
Vida Everett
Email Me: drlam@thinkvida.com

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