Recently, cupping captured the attention of the American media and public. The mechanism of how it works is very simple, yet its effectiveness for musculoskeletal pain and tension can be quite profound.

Myofascial Decompression is a technique that quickly improves muscular and fascial mobility by utilizing principles founded through ancient Chinese cupping, and studies on myofascial trains and connections.

By creating a suction inside glass or plastic cups then placing over areas of tightness or restriction, practitioners can create a lifting mechanism to stretch out tight muscles and unbind adhesions.

How can it help me? 
  • By loosening your muscles.
  • Balancing out muscle tension.
  • Improving your mobility almost instantly.
  • By alleviating pain and promoting relaxation.
  • Helps with treating cold symptoms.

The great thing about this technique is it is generally safe for all populations and the benefits can be seen and felt within minutes.

Watch our video post to see a demonstration on how myofascial cupping works and the benefits it can provide for many conditions.

Chris Soterakopoulos – Director of Physical Therapy
Vida Integrated Health Everett
Email: chris@thinkvida.com

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