Spice Up Your Daily Routine to Support Your Immune System

Flu season is finally here! Unfortunately, as winter comes and settles in, so does the flu season… But don’t worry, functional medicine is here to save the day!
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lu season is here! Unfortunately, as winter comes and settles in, so does the flu season… But don’t worry, functional medicine is here to save the day!

OK, but first… What is functional medicine and how can it benefit you?

Functional Medicine is a specialty that compliments traditional treatments, but instead of treating the symptoms alone, it focuses on finding the root cause of the disease that causes these symptoms in the first place.

In Functional Medicine, protecting and boosting the immune system is crucial to avoid future or potential diseases and ailments. This is important because the immune system helps to protect your body from foreign and potentially harmful substances. Some examples of these threats are bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancerous cells, allergens and free radicals, to name a few.

The immune system produces cells and antibodies that destroy these harmful substances. We could say that our immune system is like a forte for our bodies. Here we have a few tips from our Functional Medicine Physicians that you can implement right away to protect and nourish your immunity:


Reduce inflammation

Inflammation suppresses the immune system, this can be due to our diet, stress or over-training.


Watch your diet

As previously mentioned, your diet has a big impact in the body’s inflammatory process, as well as your microbiome (the healthy bacteria that live in your intestines). Try to have a varied and balanced healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, omega fatty acids found in fish, eggs and lean meats. Choose healthier alternatives, such as extra virgin olive oil and avoid ultra processed pre-packaged foods, such as snacks and white pasta.


Try to reduce stress levels in the body

This is key to boost your immunity. If you find yourself dealing with a lot of stress, try meditation, yoga, or a massage therapy. Take a few days off if needed.

What Supplements Can Support My Immune System?

The following list is what our Functional Medicine Physicians at Vida Integrated Health in Seattle recommend for Immune Support.

– Myco-immune (Thorne) – 1 dropperful twice daily – Balances Healthy Immune Response

– Vit D3 w/ K2 (Metagenics) 5000 IU – 1 cap daily – Enhances immune surveillance and response

– ViraCon” by Vital Nutrients 3 Caps daily – Targeted Anti-viral product.  

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