How did it feel the last time you opened a new jar of peanut butter?  Does the thought of using a can opener make your wrist cringe?  If the action or even the thought of that hurts, there’s a good chance your body is trying to tell you something.

A recent study of over 140,000 individuals from 17 different countries found a strong relationship between grip strength and things like heart disease and strokes. In fact, grip strength was a stronger predictor of heart problems and dying from any cause than the common blood pressure test. In higher-income countries like the U.S., grip strength was also found to be correlated to the risk of cancer.

grip strength

Ever see someone that you know is 50, yet claims to feel like they’re 30?  That’s because your actual age in chronological years can be quite different from your body’s biological age.  Everyone’s body is unique, so there’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all definition for biological age.  It’s simply measured by whether your body is functioning better (meaning resisting disease and aging) or worse compared to your actual age in birthdays.

Your grip strength gives you a simple, yet very accurate sense of your overall vitality.  It reflects the amount of lean muscle mass you have and more studies are now showing it’s a very strong indicator of your ability to fight off infections and disease.

A quick test with simple device called a dynamometer, matching the results on an easy-to-read chart, is all it takes.  The results can be the basis of establishing nutritional guidelines, exercises and other methods that will help you feel and stay younger and healthier no matter how many candles are on the cake.


Dr. Diana Lam, Chiropractor
Vida Everett
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