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Vida’s Staff & Providers are working very hard to continue to offer our patients a safe place to heal.
The CDC and The Governor of Washington State have made it clear that Vida has the following responsibilities:
1. To keep all musculoskeletal injuries from clogging up the Urgent Care Centers and Hospitals during this pandemic.
2. Keep our patients healthy and keep them out of the hospital waiting rooms.

Vida is offering TeleMedicine Services with our Primary Care and Chiropractic Physicians  for those patients that prefer to complete their appointment from their home.  Your Provider will address any concerns during the consultation and determine whether an in-person treatment, laboratory testing, or imaging is required.  

Common Conditions We Treat





Minor burns


Gynecologic concerns

Ear pain

Pink eye

Vertigo, dizziness

Nausea, vomiting



Stomach pain

STI testing and treatment

Cuts and stitches


Anxiety, panic attacks, depression

Musculoskeletal Conditions We Treat

Disc Injuries

Acute injuries or acute pain

Back pain, joint pain

Sprains and strains

Assessment of fracture and X-rays

Car accident injuries


Telemedicine is now, more than ever before, widely covered by insurance companies. 
If you would like to confirm coverage by your insurance, please feel free to call them ahead of time.

The initial appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes and will require consent paperwork to be filled out ahead of time unless you are already an established patient at Vida Integrated Health.


*This TeleMedicine appointment is a regular office visit billed through your insurance.



•We are offering TeleMedicine services for: General Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.

•Telemedicine will be delivered via the HIPAA compliant portal “DoxyMe”.

• Our providers will always do their best to be on time however delays may occur due to the unpredictable nature of patient care.

• The link to the “waiting room” will be sent when your appointment is scheduled on our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) program MDHQ along with access to your online patient portal to complete your intake paperwork and consent forms. 


This video from Dr. Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C is a brief explanation about what your options are when it comes to discussing COVID-19 with your health care provider, particularly regarding Telemedicine, and the possible ways to strengthen your immune system to fend off illness.

If you are not comfortable coming into the clinic, check with your insurance provider to see if telemedicine is a covered benefit with your plan. Most insurances are now covering this service. And certainly, be sure to talk with your primary care provider for their recommendations on next steps if you start having fever, chills, cough or shortness of breath.

Vida’s Primary Care Physicians are now accepting new patients. 

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