Why Acupuncture Should Be Part Of Your Self-care Routine

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If you live in the Pacific Northwest region (Seattle, Washington, Portland, and Oregon, to name a few) then you know how gloomy winter and some Springs can get. Long cold nights and dark skies that make you feel both sad and tired.

In these regions we’re lucky if we get just eight or nine hours of daylight a day (and most of them obscured by clouds, and spent inside an office). And while it’s normal to feel sleepy, tired and less motivated during this time of year, that does not mean you should resign to that fate and spend your days waiting for winter to end. Instead, there are some things you could do to brighten up your dark and cold days!

Did you know that acupuncture can help fight or prevent all the symptoms that stem from long, cold and dark moments of the year? It does that and much more!

This ancient healing technique, used in traditional Chinese medicine consists of the careful introduction of very thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body. These points lie on energy paths called “meridians.” Acupuncture treatments are designed to improve the flow and balance of energy along these meridians.

There are dozens of studies that prove how effective acupuncture is to treat the following symptoms (which, interestingly enough, coincide with those that we suffer during long and dark winters):


Helps balance energy levels


Significantly reduces stress and anxiety


Promotes focus during the dark months of the year


Decreases pain caused by cold weather


It helps prevent insomnia, which is one of the main issues that stem from the lack of sun-light


Decreases seasonal allergic reactions


Promotes blood flow, which is key during cold weather, to keep us both healthy and warm


Strengthens the immune system, which keeps us safe from viral and bacterial infections


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