Working at a Desk All Day?

The habits we build at our desk, especially while sitting, can contribute to discomfort and health issues.
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Working at a desk all day, 5 days a week can be very damaging to your back. Even though you’re not active doing heavy lifting or hard labour, your back can become sore because you’re spending so much time in the same position for a long period of time. Research shows that repetitive motion, poor posture, and staying in the same position can cause or worsen musculoskeletal disorders.

The habits we build at our desk, especially while sitting, can contribute to discomfort and health issues, including:

Back pain can be a pain in the… back. It can occur both acutely or gradually. The most common symptoms include a painful and stiff lower back, which is usually worse in the morning or when sitting. It usually feels like the back is unstable and the pain is often concentrated around the hip area.

Seek out the right Chiropractic Care

The best first step to take is to schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor. If you’ve never had a chiropractic treatment before, you will learn that Chiropractors do a lot more than just adjustments of your spine. Vida Chiropractors are specialists in both tissue healing and joint mechanics, as well as their effect on your nervous system. They can also provide advice and tips on a proper ergonomic desk setup. for you. 

Invest in a Better Chair and Workstation

Being stuck in the same position, and not sitting in a chair that supports your back and hips can cause back pain.

The causes of back pain are many and sometimes complex. However, one of the main reasons why this happens is working at a desk all day, with bad posture. The lack of an ergonomic chair or having the screen far from eye-level, which can be very detrimental for your posture.

This can be surely enhanced from the comfort of your home with the following simple tips:

  • Choose a good office chair, with a cushion, armrests at 90 degrees, with an adjustable backrest to keep your posture upright, and finally and most importantly, it should include some form of lumbar support.
  • Make sure that the screen is at an eye-level, so that the top edge of the monitor is around two inches above your eye-line.
  • The keyboards should line up to your positions, and both the mouse and keyboard are at the same level.
  • Take a break every hour, and stretch every 2 hours.

Now, if you have already done all of this and you still can’t fix your lower back pain, then treatment with a chiropractor might be all you need! Chiropractic therapy is tightly related to function, health and well-being. It includes diagnostics, preventive measures and treatment of the musculoskeletal system’s disorders.


Move Often Throughout your Day

Physical activity — even for short periods of time — can improve your mood and posture. You may experience benefits from: 

  • standing up while on the phone or eating lunch
  • getting a flexible standing desk so you can change your position
  • walking laps during quick meetings
  • getting up from your seat every hour and walking around the office

Don’t ignore your back pain, if your experiencing problems go see your Chiropractor.

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