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Shoulder pain is a difficult symptom to improve for an athlete and desk jockeys. Mainly because as humans, we are really good at doing things the “easy” way and utilizing our arm strength to do medial tasks such as: picking up objects from the floor, pushing/pulling, lifting, and carrying. However, the reason for most shoulder pain complaints does necessarily lie within the shoulder but elsewhere in the body. The functional ability of the shoulder consists of multiple areas of the body to help distribute the stress and force across the body and not rely too much on the shoulder itself. The common helpers to distribute stress come from the foot/ankle, hips, back/front core, shoulder blade and finally, the shoulder itself. However, instead of using all 5 areas, it is common for people to have the majority of the stress on the last 1/5th of the equation and not the first 4/5ths. To break this down further, you want to imagine the human body is like a whip and the feet and legs should be thought of as the handle to the whip. An example of this is when you take a task like lifting an object from the floor and placing it overhead. A person should be able to squat, grab and lift an object utilizing the muscles in the legs and hips first, then firing the back core (includes thoracic spine mobility), then the shoulder blade and finishing with shoulder motion overhead to place the object.


Our primary focus with shoulder pain is to decrease the symptoms using hands on techniques to help in promoting joint and tissue hydration and blood flow. These passive techniques are often coinciding with exercises designed to engage the shoulder blade, back core, hips and legs; again trying to stimulate the “friends” of the shoulder and stimulate hormonal and metabolic processes. Vida’s priority is to decrease the amount of stress the injured shoulder is already going through and promote healing as quickly as possible.

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