Ankle / Sprains

Ankle- Sprain


An injury that occurs when the ankle rolls, twists, or turns in an awkward way. A very common injury is the inversion ankle sprain, which occurs when a person typically steps and feel like they “rolled” their ankle. Swelling typically ensues days after on both sides of the ankle and most people are often told to Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate for a week. This may help decrease the swelling, but it will ultimately hurt the foot and ankle stability, functional capabilities and create a much longer recovery timeline.


Early movement is key to a faster recovery of an ankle sprain once it has been determined there is no bony fracture or a complete tear of any ligament. Elevation and compression can help to reduce swelling at home. Here at Vida, treatment with Class IV Laser Therapy combined with soft tissue techniques and mobilization of the ankle and foot will expedite the healing process by promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage, reducing the inflammation and swelling and helping any scar tissue to form properly. Taping of the ankle can help in the early stages of healing as well. Simple exercises, starting with ranges of motion and single leg balancing are needed to improve the stability and motor function of the ankle after it has been injured. These are progressed until you are back doing what you love and not having to think about your ankle. 

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