IT Band Syndrome


Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, or IT Band Syndrome, is common problem that can cause pain in the outside of the thigh or knee. This occurs when the tensor fascia latae (TFL) muscle at the hip becomes overactive. The TFL connects into the non-contractile IT band which attaches just below the knee and when it is tight or overactive the tension can translate and cause friction and irritation of the tissues in this area. Correcting this problem involves strengthening and stabilizing of the hip abductors, most notably the gluteus medius (GM).


The exercises in the above video will help to strengthen and stabilize the hip by strengthening the gluteus medius. These exercises should not cause any pain but if they do you should discontinue them and see your provider to see if there is something else going on with your knee or hip. These exercises are a great first step for IT Band Syndrome treatment. If you are an athlete or do moderate activity, like running several times a week, then more standing and activity-specific exercises and some muscle and manual therapy by your provider may be needed to help you get back to moving well and pain-free.

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