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Lateral Epicondylitis, or “Tennis Elbow”, is a fairly common condition. It occurs when the extensor muscles of the forearm become inflamed from certain repetitive movements. The result is soreness of the forearm muscles, tenderness felt on the outside of the elbow, and aching and stiffness in the joint upon waking in the morning.


Fortunately, tennis elbow doesn’t usually result in any long-term conditions as long as it’s identified early and treated properly. However, preventing an injury is much more effective than treating an injury. Understanding the biomechanics of tennis elbow is crucial. This knowledge will help you develop practice habits and exercises that will train your body to stay balanced and avoid the movements that lead to this painful condition. This ounce of prevention will keep you popping open fresh cans of tennis balls all day long instead of being wrapped up in ice packs on the sidelines.

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