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George Hwang

George Hwang, PT, FAFS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

George has spent over a decade in the Physical Therapy field as a technician, assistant, clinical instructor, and Doctor of Physical Therapy primarily in outpatient orthopedics.  His research is published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Educationand has a degree in Health and Kinesiology from Purdue University.  He is also bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.

George has studied and continues to grow his expertise of Ergonomic Assessments in the workplace.  George prides himself on finding solutions that allow the workplace to adapt to the worker versus having the worker accommodate to the workplace.  Knowledge about a better work environment and improving postural awareness during your work is the first step, being able to apply what is known is the key to success and diminishing work-related injuries.

George has a passion to provide compassionate and comprehensive care.  He focuses on educating patients so that they have more control, and become more invested, in their health and healing.  He aims to not just restore their functionality but also get them to their optimal level of function.  In addition to addressing any current ailments, he invests in his patient’s overall well being to promote maximum health and wellness.

Outside of his profession George stays physically active as an expert level rock climber, climbing instructor, and is a NW outdoor enthusiast along with his wife and daughter.

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