Jacqui Lombari

Jacqui Lombari, MS, CNS, LDN

Certified Nutrition Specialist®

Jacqui has the unique experience of working in both conventional and functional medicine settings. Following five years as a technician in the emergency department, she was determined to be part of a movement where nutrition was at the forefront of health promotion and disease prevention.

After completing a Spanish Immersion program in Guatemala, the therapeutic role of nutrition took front and center in her life while treating her Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). Driven further by the power of functional medicine, she began her educational journey in nutrition.

She has a passion for sports nutrition that stems from her love of trail running and ultramarathon training in Arizona. She looks forward to optimizing athletic performance through nutrition periodization, proper hydration, and efficient recovery strategies. She understands the importance of working with the physiology of active females and hopes to provide the tools and support for all women in sports and health. Additional interest includes addressing inflammation that stems from imbalances through whole food nutrition, nutraceuticals, and botanicals.

Jacqui lives with her fiancé, Jordon and border collie mix dog, Rhodes. She enjoys her desert surroundings by hiking, running, and camping and also creating delicious meals for friends and family.



University of Western States

M.S. Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Post-Graduate Training


Functional Nutrition Residency Program

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald – Sandy Hook Clinic

Certified Nutrition Specialist Professional®

American Nutrition Association

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

Institute of Functional Medicine

Affiliations and Experience


American Nutrition Association

Active Member

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