Kirsten Ramsdell

Kirsten Ramsdell

Functional Nutrition

Kirsten Ramsdell is a Certified Nutritionist with a background in Functional Medicine. After earning her Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Film Studies, she moved to South Korea and taught English for three years. While in Korea, she began to encounter her own health challenges which led her to discover the healing powers of functional medicine and nutrition. In her quest to achieve her own health goals and help provide support for others, she earned her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

In her role as a Certified Nutritionist, she guides patients towards finding ways to nourish themselves that are personally targeted to achieve health goals while taking into account health challenges, preferences and social needs. She believes in the importance of a care team that supports patients in lifestyle changes such as dietary shifts, physical activity and stress management techniques. Recognizing that lifestyle changes can take time and persistence, she strives to help patients embrace these lifestyle changes, discover the healing effects of food and enjoy the process of restoring their health.

In addition to her role as Functional Medicine Nutritionist at Vida Integrated Health, she is a Clinical Content Coordinator at the Institute for Functional Medicine. In her free time, she loves developing new recipes, hiking, traveling, singing in choirs and spending time outdoors in the beautiful Northwest.

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