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Lauren Crews, DC


Dr. Crews is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. With a focus on holistic care, she believes that the second half of life should be just as enjoyable as the first. She is passionate about empowering her patients to continue pursuing their passions and getting back to doing the things they love.

Dr. Crews’ journey into chiropractic care began with a fascination with the complexity of our bodies and their natural ability to heal and recover. She understands that life’s challenges, whether they be injury, illness, or the natural aging process, can sometimes hinder our ability to fully engage in the activities we enjoy. Through her practice, Dr. Crews strives to provide personalized care that addresses the root causes of pain and dysfunction, allowing her patients to regain mobility, reduce discomfort, and reclaim their quality of life. She believes in staying current with the latest advancements in chiropractic care and is committed to providing her patients with evidence-based treatments that are specific to their individual needs and goals.

Through her dedication to helping others live life to the fullest, both inside and outside of the treatment room, Dr. Crews is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of her patients. She strives to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, pursue their passions, and continue enjoying all that life has to offer.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Dr. Crews is an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. She understands the restorative power of nature and enjoys exploring new destinations, whether it be hiking through scenic trails, backpacking in remote wilderness areas, visiting a new country, or simply spending time outdoors with friends and family. Dr. Crews’ passion for adventure informs her approach to patient care, as she encourages her patients to embrace an active and adventurous lifestyle, no matter their age or physical condition.



Doctor of Chiropractic (Summa Cum Laude)

University of Western States


Bachelor of Science

Seattle University

Affiliations and Experience


Washington State Chiropractic Association

Active Member

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