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We offer an integrated approach to your recovery and health, giving you access to a range of treatment techniques and specialists – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.
At Vida, our ultimate goal is to guide you back to the path of an active, pain-free and healthy lifestyle. That’s why we use an integrated team approach that promotes faster recovery, allowing you to get back to doing what you love.

Our team approach gives you access to specialists with different expertise all under one roof. This gives you the ability to seek care and advice from different rehabilitation and sports medicine specialists without the hassle of driving to multiple offices and coordinating appointments.

Latest Vida Blog Articles

6 Sports Injuries a Chiropractor Can Treat

For individuals actively engaged in sports, chiropractic care is a valuable resource for managing and recovering from common sports-related injuries. Vida Integrated Health offers personalized treatment plans and exercise programs tailored to expedite the healing of joints and muscles. Chiropractors can effectively address various sports injuries, including strains, sprains, dislocations, pinched nerves, tight muscles, chronic overuse injuries, and inflammation/tendinitis.

More Vida Articles

Gut Health- Understanding the Microbiome and Optimizing Digestion

Functional medicine strives for a deeper understanding, moving beyond symptom management to explore underlying dysbiosis, diet, stressors, lack of parasympathetic tone, and other contributing factors. Treatment is guided by the 5Rs: Remove, Replace, Repair, Re-inoculate, and Re-balance. Utilizing microbial analysis ensures personalized recommendations for the individual we are working with.

The Invisible Burdens: Navigating Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue

At Vida Functional Medicine we take a patient centered approach. We acknowledge the unique and often invisible struggles faced by each individual enduring long COVID and chronic fatigue. Our exploration goes beyond the surface symptoms, probing into aspects including genetic background, environmental exposures, lifestyle habits, and past traumas or infections that might contribute to their current state of health.

Vida Functional Medicine Concierge

In a world where healthcare can often feel impersonal and rushed, a beacon of hope is emerging for those seeking a more personalized and comprehensive approach to their well-being. The Vida Functional Medicine Concierge Membership is here to redefine the way you experience healthcare, putting patients back at the center of their health journey.

Why I Recommend Checking Your Hormones

Hormones play a vital role in all of our body systems, so it’s not a surprise that hormones play such a big impact on weight gain, energy levels, mood, as well as reproductive health. While hormonal imbalances are often associated with women, especially during times like menopause, it’s crucial to understand that men, too, can suffer from similar imbalances.

How Musculoskeletal Misalignments Can Affect Your Well-being

Musculoskeletal misalignments disrupt the body’s harmony, causing pain, restricted movement, posture issues, joint degeneration, nerve compression, and even digestive and circulatory problems. These issues can lead to sleep disruption and emotional strain, impacting overall well-being and quality of life.

Understanding Testosterone: Benefits, Side Effects, and Natural Ways to Boost it

Testosterone plays a pivotal role in the overall well-being of both men and women. In this enlightening article, you’ll gain insights from the expertise of Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Michael Corsilles. We will delve into the nuanced world of testosterone, exploring not only its benefits but also the potential side effects of treatment, and natural methods of boosting your testosterone and how to test your testosterone levels.

How a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Posture And Balance

Alignment problems within the body can span from poor posture to conditions like scoliosis, affecting overall comfort and functionality. At Vida Integrated Health, our chiropractors offer solutions to these alignment issues, providing assessment, spinal adjustments, and tailored treatment plans.

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