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Where Vida’s unique integrated approach to patient care all began! In 2013 Vida started in Madison Ridge, which is on the east side of Capital Hill, and has been our home ever since.

Friendly, modern, inviting, with a team that is absolutely serious about being the very best in what we do. This is where acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, functional medicine physicians and physical therapists work together to bring their diverse skill sets to reach everyone’s health goals.



We offer an integrated approach to your recovery and health, giving you access to a range of treatment techniques and specialists – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.
At Vida, our ultimate goal is to guide you back to the path of an active, pain-free and healthy lifestyle. That’s why we use an integrated team approach that promotes faster recovery, allowing you to get back to doing what you love.

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Our team approach gives you access to specialists with different expertise all under one roof. This gives you the ability to seek care and advice from different rehabilitation and sports medicine specialists without the hassle of driving to multiple offices and coordinating appointments.

Latest Vida Blog Article

How Long Will I Need Chiropractic Services?

If you’re looking for chiropractic services from experienced, board-certified chiropractors, Vida Integrated Health is here to help. We offer an integrated health center that combines expert Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Functional Medicine Physicians. Working with a reputable, qualified Chiropractor can help you treat various issues. Each treatment is customized to your needs.

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What Backpackers Need To Know

It’s summertime, you want to get outside, enjoy the sun and get out as far away from people as you can. That means only one thing – backpacking. The only problem? You’ve experienced several injuries in the past. To get yourself in tip-top shape for the trails, master these movements.

What to Expect During a Chiropractic Appointment

If you’ve suffered a recent injury, have chronic pain, or need to improve your posture, chiropractic services can help. At Vida Integrated Health, we offer elaborate chiropractic services targeting different conditions. Here’s what to expect during your appointments with our chiropractor:

Chronic Conditions to Treat With Chiropractic Treatments

Are you interested in finding an alternative to pain medication? Chiropractic care is an effective pain management option that corrects your body’s alignment and can reduce discomfort and pain. At Vida Integrated Health, we have chiropractors that offer a wide range of services to address chronic conditions.

Do I Need a Consultation Before Receiving Chiropractic Care?

If you’re suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain, then visiting a professional chiropractor is the best decision for you. A good chiropractor can help adjust your body to alleviate and eventually end the pain that has been bothering you. If it’s your first time visiting a chiropractic office and you don’t know what to expect, you may feel uncomfortable.

Will Chiropractic Care Benefit Headaches?

Do you experience frequent headaches? If you do, consider visiting an experienced chiropractor at Vida Integrated Health. We offer spinal adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, and acupuncture treatments. This treatment helps ease muscle tension, boosts spinal health, and reduces headaches as severe as migraines. 

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare for Physical Therapy?

If you have been injured or undergone a surgery, you may need physical therapy to regain your range of motion, flexibility, and strength. You’ll want to prepare physically and mentally to get the most benefits out of the appointments. With the right program from Vida Integrated Health , you can recover faster and more fully than on your own.

What to Know Before Getting Chiropractic Treatment

If you experience back or neck pain, a chiropractor can help you treat the underlying cause. Chiropractic services emphasize the body’s ability to heal itself. Treatment typically involves manual therapy, often including spinal manipulation and target the musculoskeletal system. At Vida Integrated Health , we make sure each session is unique and customized to your goals. Here are four things to know before a chiropractic appointment:

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