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Reset Program

Vida's Metabolic Reset Program optimizes your body's natural ability to run efficiently. Metabolic weight loss is a type of nutrition-based approach to weight loss that focuses on the metabolic processes in the body. It is based on the idea that metabolic health and metabolic flexibility can be improved in order to promote sustainable weight loss

Metabolic Reset Program (Hosted Virtually)

Group Metabolic Reset Program

It’s time to get off the rollercoaster. Have you tried every 21-day and 12-week program out there? These programs can get you to your goal by white-knuckling it through restrictive and time-intensive regimens, only to return to where you were a few months later and lose all progress.

The Metabolic Reset is different. We’re looking for candidates who want to learn the underlying tools to help with long-term and permanent changes that provide the health results you’re looking for while living a lifestyle you enjoy.

When it comes to weight loss, a metabolic reset is essential. Our group virtual metabolic reset program offers an effective and sustainable weight loss journey that allows you to reach your weight goals without sacrificing the quality of your nutrition.

Metabolic Reset Program Fees

If you have Nutrition coverage we will bill the weekly consultation fee to your insurance.  If you do not have nutrition coverage our out of pocket fee for the 4 week program is $250.

Dont know your coverage? Take advantage of our free insurance verification Our team will let you know what your nutrition coverages are at Vida.

 $20 Material Fee *Not covered by insurance

Next Program Date: SOLD OUT! (February, 18th, 2023) Additional dates will be announced soon. 

Insurance Not Accepted: Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Apple Health, Molina.

Metabolic reset is a weight loss strategy that can help individuals achieve their weight loss goals in an effective and lasting way

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Metabolic Reset Virtual Group PRogram

Program Details

The program takes place over 4 weeks. Each week we will meet virtually for a 50 minute group session at 9am (PJ’s Welcome). Each week we will cover a different topic and discussion as well as review your progress. There will be a maximum of 15 participants. 

Sessions are a 50 Minute Zoom Meeting on Saturdays starting at 9am. 

Live Attendance each week is mandatory with a $70 cancellation fee per missed weekly session. 

Participants can expect to learn the foundations of building meals (at home, pre-made, or at restaurants) that fit your needs, are enjoyable to your palate, and promote metabolic health. Whether your goal is supporting metabolic health overall, addressing concerning laboratory values, or reaching a certain physical aesthetic, you’ll have the knowledge to create sustainable lifestyle habits for your unique goals.



Week 1 – Metabolic Health Foundation (Nutrition) 

Key Tool: Building Your Plate
This foundational week provides the tools for you to start building your ideal menu and habits for your nutritional preferences and health needs. We discuss how you can support nutritional adequacy without weighing and tracking your macros and calories. Preventing nutritional deficiencies is our top priority for long term health.


Week 2 – Physical Activity and Body Composition

Key Tool: DEXA Scan and Protein Needs Calculation
We’ll cover the details of body composition, risks of certain compositions, and goal setting. Body composition sets the base of metabolic health, and sufficient protein provides the building blocks necessary to build a composition that supports your goals.

Week 3 – Maintaining Dedication and Consistency

Key Tool: Defining your Target
Once you understand the foundations, it’s time to evaluate if the tools are working for you or if we need to pivot. Understanding your underlying goals and reidentifying your changing priorities allows you to maintain dedication to your health needs without rigid food rules.


Week 4 – Sustainability for Long Term

Key Tool: Habit Tracking
By the end of any program you’re usually waiting to jump back to your favorite foods that you didn’t allow yourself to have. With the metabolic reset we’ve changed your mindset to a flexible approach that incorporates your preferences into an adaptable template. Our final week focuses on practicing how to identify when to modify your program so metabolic health remains your effortless baseless.

What Can You Do To Prepare For The Program?

Recommended, Not Required 

DEXA Body Composition
Consider a DEXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) from BodySpec

The price is $60 and takes about 15 minutes.

All scheduling is handled on their website, so you can cancel and reschedule as needed. The scan will tell us the exact amount of bone, muscle, and body fat you have. This information can be very useful as your body composition changes and set protein goals. Especially of interest if the amount of visceral fat (fat around the organs) as this fat puts us at greater risk for metabolic health issues.

Labs your physician can order to help guide your nutrition decisions

– Fasting Insulin and A1c (Cardio IQ panel has insulin and c-peptide)

– Expanded Lipid Panel with particle size

– Omega-3 panel

– Thyroid panel with TSH, T3, and T4, Thyroid peroxidase antibodies, Thyroglobulin Antibodies

– Any nutrients you can test, such as Vitamin D, Iron (ferritin), B Vitamins, etc.

Meet Your Certified Nutritionist Carolina Cartier, CN, MBA


Carolina believes nutrition is the foundation of health. She utilizes a whole food approach and works collaboratively with clients and the Vida team in the health building process.

Carolina concentrates on education to support clients in achieving their goals with a plan tailored to their needs and preferences. She recognizes the challenges of implementing lasting change, so she guides clients with detailed methods of integrating food preparation within their daily routine. Her goal is to support clients to impart sustainable and enjoyable changes that fit within their lifestyle to not only heal, but thrive with sustained energy and endurance, stable mood, consistent sleep, no cravings, and no digestive issues or bloating. Full Bio

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