kimberly singletary lmt

Kimberly Singletary

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kimberly grew up in Arizona where she graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2015. After discovering massage therapy granted the fulfillment of a career, she set forth to dedicating herself to the higher purpose. To be of a healing service to others in the name of wellness and self-care as well as being a positive difference in someone’s day. It has become her mission to create a safe, healing space for her clients. “A relaxed mind makes for a relaxed client”. Feeling a client’s tension melt away with a customized set of various massage modalities specific to each individual will bring awareness. Once the scheduled treatment is completed it will be the beginning of her client’s journey for improving their won wellness. After assessing each individual’s condition/injury with care and compassion, she manipulated the soft tissue (to the client’s comfort level) to create a space within the space of their body to heal itself.

Along with discussing individualized treatment plans, she likes to incorporate their hobbies to help make the journey more fun. Kimberly, herself, enjoys hiking and seeking solace outdoors with long nature walks. Being enveloped by the sounds of nature helps create a peace of mind and tranquility. Along with hiking, strength building exercises and being more aware of her posture with at home workouts, nothing too extreme. “Our journey in wellness is a marathon, not a race”. Hydration is key!

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