Most injuries happen in less than a second, yet recovery can be a much longer process. It doesn’t need to be, however. At Vida, we employ a wide array of functional treatment options that assure our patients the fastest way to either a full recovery or a state of functional health—a state you have long since forgot was possible.

Chiropractic is the cornerstone of Vida’s integrated approach, where structural and functional meet. Your chiropractor is a specialist in both tissue healing and joint mechanics, as well as their effect on your nervous system. Chiropractors are like most healthcare providers in that they have a large toolbox of techniques they can apply in response to health issues. But many conditions require more than adjustments to correct them, so Vida Integrated Health provides all of the tools necessary to address these conditions.


What does Chiropractic treatment at Vida Integrated Health include?

  • • Adjustments of any of the 206 bones in your body that currently have a limited range of motion or misalignment
  • • Manual therapies to treat your muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments
  • • Stretching, strengthening, and activating muscles and tendons
  • • Heat, traction, or Class 4 laser therapy to speed up your recovery time and decrease pain
  • • A personalized home exercise program for self-care and continued healing

At Vida Integrated Health, we also frequently coordinate referrals of our patients to other health care providers that meet our standards of care. We can help you find the specialist you need for the care you deserve.

What is an adjustment?
Adjustments are part of the chiropractic treatment used to restore motion to joints that have lost their ability to move normally. For more than 100 years, chiropractors have been specialists in spinal adjustments. Today, about 95% of all spinal adjustments today are performed by chiropractors.

Vida Chiropractics

What do adjustments actually do?

  • Increase joint motion
  • Reflexively relax muscles around the joint
  • Stretch shortened tissues and release joint adhesions
  • Relieve nerve compression and irritation
  • Reduce pain and muscle dysfunction
  • Stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which regulates organ function
  • Several chiropractic treatments over a short period have a cumulative effect of achieving long-lasting results and long-term pain relief

What makes the popping sound?

When a joint is adjusted, the two surfaces of the joint separate. This often produces a “popping” or “cracking” sound that we call a “cavitation.” This isn’t bone rubbing on bone, as some think. Instead, it’s actually just air. As space is created in the joint and pressure is released, gas enters this space, allowing for increased motion and greater freedom—similar to opening a can of soda.

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