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When you’re doing all the right things, from a Functional Nutrition point of view, there are other things to consider to figure out the unexplained weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances or high-stress levels.

Functional Nutrition focuses on building and restoring health by rebalancing proper physiological functions of the body through food as medicine. Imbalances due to vitamin/mineral deficiencies, poor digestion, malabsorption, bacterial overgrowth and chronic inflammation can be realigned with personalized, nutritional interventions.


Nutrition and lifestyle changes can be complex and difficult. At Vida Functional Medicine, in collaboration with our functional medicine doctors and nutritionists, we aim to help support and guide you in the process of embracing these changes and discovering the healing effects of food.

A functional nutrition consultation involves a thorough discussion of your recommended functional medicine food plan and lifestyle changes as well as clarification of how to optimize your food plan in a sustainable way. We will also have a conversation about your personal goals, potential obstacles to these goals and the importance of mindset and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

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Meet Vida’s Functional Nutritionists.

Vida’s Nutritionists believe nutrition is the foundation of health. They utilize a whole food approach and work collaboratively with patients and the Vida team in the health building process. They concentrate on education to support patients in achieving their goals with a plan tailored to their needs and preferences.

Vida’s Functional Nutritionists recognize the challenges of implementing lasting change, so they guide their patients with detailed methods of integrating food preparation within their daily routine.

Their goal is to support patients to impart sustainable and enjoyable changes that fit within their lifestyle to not only heal, but thrive with sustained energy and endurance, stable mood, consistent sleep, no cravings, and no digestive issues or bloating.

Food Plans Perfectly for You

Every appointment at Vida is tailored to your specific nutritional needs. So, what can you expect from a nutrition consultation? 

Initial Nutrition Consultations last a full 60 minutes because there is a lot to information to cover! First, we discuss what made you schedule the appointment in the first place. 

Some common complaints include: 

  • Weight management 
  • Sports performance
  • Digestive issues
  • Fatigue / poor sleep
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Joint Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Glucose management
  • Recent laboratory results

After we’ve identified your priorities, we’ll discuss your sleep, physical activity, and stress level, which often reveals other areas we can improve with nutrition. 

 Next, we discuss your current dietary pattern and liquid intake. What do you like about your diet? Is there anything you dislike about your diet? We also identify your priorities when it comes to your diet, such as convenience, family-style dining, restaurant dining, intolerances or preferences.

Once we have a complete picture of your current dietary environment, the nutritionist will develop a customized plan with actionable steps for you to take over the next few weeks.

These might include:  

  • Increasing intake of certain foods 
  • Prioritizing specific nutrients 
  • Additional laboratory tests that may be useful 
  • Symptom tracking 
  • Meal plan discussion (if a specific IFM plan is used) 
  • Meal timing 
  • Recipe discussion and sharing
Just like working with a personal trainer, one appointment won’t immediately provide the results you’re after. We typically schedule a follow-up appointment 2-4 weeks from your initial consultation to discuss how the plan is working for you and make any adjustments or additions as necessary. 

Telemedicine Visits

Providing Nutrition Consultations Virtually. Vida’s Functional Nutritionists only offer Virtual visits. We accept most major insurances. Want to know if your insurance covers Nutrition services at Vida?  Get your Insurance Coverage Verification by filling out our online request HERE.

Vida Integrated Health Introduces Our

Reset Program

Vida’s Metabolic Reset Program optimizes your body’s natural ability to run efficiently. Metabolic weight loss is a type of nutrition-based approach to weight loss that focuses on the metabolic processes in the body. It is based on the idea that metabolic health and metabolic flexibility can be improved in order to promote sustainable weight loss

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