Medical Care at Vida is designed to get you out of pain by finding the underlying causes of your problem and then dig even deeper into your body’s chemistry, physiology and genetics to optimize your individual health.  We are not your primary care physician, but we do work closely with them as we get you to your best health and wellness.

Many patients come to us in pain.   This pain has started to affect their lives and is preventing them from doing the things they love to do. Many patients do not realize that they have been avoiding certain movements or activities because of their pain, by the time they get to our office they are often afraid or concerned that they will never be able to do the things they used to do.   Often their lives have been affected much more than they realized.

Our first step is to examine your current injury, the cause of your pain and the underlying deficits in your musculoskeletal system. We will then set you up with an individualized musculoskeletal restoration plan to eliminate your pain. This may involve prescription medication, patches or creams. You may need trigger point injections, joint injections, or even visco-supplementation therapy to reach this goal as quickly as possible. We will medically guide your treatment which may include massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy or laser therapy which can all be done here at Vida. Then before you know it your injury will be on the mend; your pain will be decreasing and your function will be returning to normal so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do.

Many people are happy with this first step, but there is another level of health that we want to help you to reach. This may be losing 20 pounds, controlling your thyroid naturally, or even improving your insomnia or menopausal symptoms. It might be you looking 10 years younger, lowering your cholesterol or regaining your sexual vitality. This is the next level of medical care we provide here at Vida. It is known as metabolic medicine and integrates anti-aging, hormone therapy and functional medicine to maximize your health and vitality. This is what gets you back to feeling and performing your best at any age.

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