A Multidisciplinary Evalutation & Analysis of an Individual’s Run & Performance


What Does The Vida Run Program Include?

Vida Run provides runners with a comprehensive personalized assessment of multiple components of your run and training.  You will be provided assessment findings, recommendations based on your findings and video of your run with a report on your run analysis.  You will be participating in a group of up to four runners with the event lasting approximately 2 hours at one of our Vida Integrated Health locations.  Your assessment will consist of the following multidisciplinary stations from our experts:


Video Gait Analysis Run & Gait Analysis evaluated by Vida’s Sports Medicine Specialist using the motion analysis software to evaluate your biomechanics from multiple camera angles that can identify multiple running patterns that can be approved. You will be provided with a comprehensive analysis and report.


Functional Strength & Flexibility 
A detailed screen from one of our expert movement specialists using focused assessment techniques. You will also be provided with a summary of exercises specific to our findings and how it relates to your run performance.


Nutritional Counseling 
Personalized nutritional guidance from a registered nutritionists. She will discuss with you the components of your current nutritional habits and will provide you with recommendations to enhance both your running performance and your recovery.


Foot & Ankle Analysis
Expert Foot Analysis from our Podiatrist, Lauren Vernese from Swedish Medical Center, will analyze your foot characteristics, current footwear, and orthotics and walking gait to recommend shoe types and to optimize your running performance and decrease your risk of injury.





Experts in the field of running Biomechanics, human movement and sports nutrition offer personalized health advice, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

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Location: Vida Ravenna, 4915 25th Ave NE, Suite 104, Seattle, WA 98105

Next Vida Run Workshop will be Tuesday, March 24th and Tuesday, May 12th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

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