Zack Rollins

Zach Rollins, LMT

Massage Therapist

Zach’s journey towards massage therapy started as a child where his father used his own massage training skills to provide relief from congenital back issues that he and siblings suffered from.  Zach was able to give in turn when his own bodywork skills were able to provide his father significant relief from symptoms of fibromyalgia. This inspired him to train formally as licensed massage therapist and embark on an ongoing mission of being a knowledgeable holistic healthcare provider with the latest techniques in manual therapy and bodywork. 

Zach’s treatment philosophy is to not only provide meaningful change for the musculoskeletal system, but to use techniques like mobilization and detailed breathwork that help the mind connect more efficiently with that system and facilitate lasting neurological improvements, allowing for greater overall function and less pain over time.

While Zach loves to stay physically active through work, weight training, and practicing martial arts, his biggest lifelong passion is writing and performing music, and prior to becoming a therapist, even teaching it. Outside of an exciting career as a health practitioner, he is also happily building up a career as a performing musician and likes to perform his favorite cover songs at open mics whenever he’s able. 



Associates in Arts and Sciences (Tacoma Community College)


Bachelors in Recording Arts (Northwest University)

Post-Grad Education


Licensed Massage Therapist (Washington Spa Academy).

Massage Therapy

Affiliations and Experience


American Massage Therapy Association Member

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