Blood Flow Restriction is a training and rehabilitation technique involving the use of cuffs or bands to prevent venous return into the limps while maintaining the arterial info into the muscles. This modality is a true game-changer in the world of rehab, sports training, and general fitness.

Blood flow restriction training goes by many terms (KAATSU, occlusion training, BFR, etc.), but all are striving for the same goal: allowing you to train at lower loads while achieving the same results you would get at training at higher loads.

How does it work?  Occluding a percentage of the venous return will create a swelling effect on the muscles.  This swelling effect causes various metabolites to accumulate and thus stimulating muscular growth.  Direct muscle fatigue forces the nervous system to recruit more muscle fibers, which allows the capacity of growth.

What are the benefits of BFR?

Increases muscular size and strength.  Decreases muscular atrophy after injuries/surgeries, thus decreasing recovery time and diminishing muscular damage with rehabilitation.  Able to maximize exercise efforts with low-intensity activities.

Who would benefit?  Anyone who is recovering from immobile/mobility restriction (bed-ridden patients to post-operative) to athlete populations looking to hit the next level or isolated exercises for a specific muscle group.

Our therapists at Vida Seattle, Vida Bellevue and Vida Everett are trained with Smart Cuffs and use their bands for your treatments.

To learn if you would benefit from BFR please contact Physical Therapist, Ashley Henriques, DPT at Vida Seattle. seattle@thinkvida.com