Why Good Mobility Is One of the Keys to Longevity

Mobility is a key factor for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life. Maintaining a good range of motion enables you to live independently and stay physically fit for longer.

A number of things can affect your mobility, including fitness, health, and age. Mobility is something that we should all think about in regards to our health and function. Not only can it be an indicator of how healthy you are, but it’s also an essential aspect of health that’s vital for the quality of life.


Why Mobility Is Important


Mobility might not be something that you give a lot of thought to when your mobility is good. However, when you start to experience problems with your mobility and its limitations, that’s when you start to wish it had been more of a concern before you started to lose it.

Good mobility makes it easier for us to do many different things, including moving freely and preventing injury. As people age, they are at greater risk of falls partly due to loss of mobility, with 20-30% of older people in the US who fall suffering injuries such as bruises, broken bones, and head injuries. When you see older people who do seem to have a great range of motion and mobility, you can bet that they have always kept moving.

Good mobility is also essential for helping to maintain independence as you get older. The more mobile you are, the less you will need to rely on other people or on mobility aids to get around and do everyday activities. A decline in mobility can even lead to disability, making it more difficult to live independently.


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What Causes Decline in Mobility?


There are several factors that can contribute to a decline in mobility and range of movement as you get older. Lack of physical exercise is one of the factors that can lead to loss of mobility. But a study of more than 1600 people aged 70 t0 89 showed that a long-term program of moderate physical activity reduced their risk of major mobility disability by 18% compared to a health education program. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lack of mobility because the body isn’t being used.


How to Maintain Good Mobility


Good mobility can be maintained through physical activity and using the range of motion available to you. The more that you move, the better you can maintain and improve your mobility and continue to be active. This can include general physical activity and exercise, as well as other beneficial things such as chiropractic treatments and massage that help to maintain range of motion in the joints. When exercising, it’s important to focus on range of motion, rather than just on building muscle.

Good mobility helps you to stay healthy for longer, keeps you moving, and allows you to remain independent for longer too.


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