Vida’s Covid-19 Safety Update

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Vida is Here to Serve Our Communities

As concerns around Covid-19 continue to grow we want to ensure you that we have taken extreme measures to ensure sanitization and safety for all our patients. We know stress levels are high and people are now working from home with less than ideal desk setups.

Don’t let the discomfort get too bad, take those breaks, and feel free to come on in to get some help, our team will be here.


What Measures are we Taking to Protect your Health?

With direction from our Medical team, we have taken the following measures to ensure your safety:

• Protective masks are available to our patients to ease any concern.

• Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk, in each treatment room, and in each patient care area.

• Providers will be wearing protective masks just to be extremely safe and eliminate any chance of exposure.

• We have removed all shared magazines and kids’ toys from our lobby areas and replaced our glassware with disposable paper cups.

• All staff are disinfecting all areas, handles, doorknobs, equipment, hard surfaces, computers, pens, clipboards, waiting room areas, chairs and such throughout the day.

• After every patient, treatment tables, instruments, equipment, and chairs are being sanitized. Providers are sanitizing before and after every patient and encounter.

• Deep cleans are happening during the day and even deeper cleans at the end of each day with our janitorial services.

We ensure you that we are holding ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness to allow Vida to continue being a safe place to heal.

Vida Telemedicine

Vida TelemedicineIf you are experiencing any new onset respiratory symptoms that are NON-EMERGENT and would like to be evaluated by your Functional Medicine Physician at Vida, or you prefer to do your follow-up appointment with your doctor online instead of coming into the clinic, you can schedule a Vida Telemedicine consultation from your home with your Vida doctor.

Immune Boosting Strategies

We are fortunate to have an Integrative Physician team that works with nutraceutical, herbal, and pharmacologic approaches, many of which offer immune support and enhance the body’s ability to fight infection.

Vida offers Vitamin C infusions and IV Therapy at our Ravenna and Bellevue clinics for Immune Support, Antioxidant benefits, and Wellness.

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