When Should I Seek Out a Physical Therapist for My Pain?

Persistence of pain can have adverse effects on your health. Pain can be a sign of other underlying conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Vida Integrated Health offers quality physical therapy—and other solutions—to relieve you of the pain from injuries or health conditions. 
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Persistence of pain can have adverse effects on your health. Pain can be a sign of other underlying conditions like arthritis and diabetes. Vida Integrated Health offers quality physical therapy—and other solutions—to relieve you of the pain from injuries or health conditions. 

Visiting our physical therapists guarantees you will get professional physical therapy to increase your body’s mobility, and ability! Together with our chiropractors, we will also work together to improve your posture and overall body flexibility. 

When to Visit a Physical Therapy for Your Pain

Many people ignore minor pains, which later become serious health problems. Always listen to your body for anything that might require physical therapy intervention. How do you know that it is time to visit a physical therapist?

Feeling Pain Some Days After Injury 

Many minor injuries cause mild pain. Mild pain does not persist, so it cannot affect your life. Give yourself a few days to recognize signs of pain in your body. 

Consider physical therapy if the pain persists. You can also try a few remedies if the injury was not traumatic. Resting the injured part, exercising, and applying cold compression are the best remedies. 

Pain that prolongs after icing and other remedial measures needs professional intervention. Vida Integrated Health is dedicated to helping people who experience consistent pain. We will diagnose your issues to determine if you need additional medical help.

When Medications Are Not Helpful 

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are a suitable option for managing pain. Such drugs have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain from arthritis, joint problems, muscle strains, and other issues. 

OTC drugs do not always alleviate pain; the drugs are more likely to be effective if you are experiencing only minor pains and aches. Continuing to take some OTC drugs after suffering traumatic injuries can have side effects on your health. For instance, ibuprofen can cause bloating, diarrhea, and increased anxiety. 

Avoid such risks by visiting Vida Integrated Health physical therapists. We will alleviate your pain and save you the cost (and risks) of OTC medication. 

Visible Signs 

Visible signs should show if the physical injuries sustained were traumatic. Common visible signs of chronic pain include swelling, numbness, bruising, and tingling. Such symptoms will limit your body’s movement.

Knee swelling can be an indication of joint inflammation. Numbness around the injured part might indicate nerve damage. If you experience either of these, at-home exercises like knee stretching may not be the best solution. Some workouts can even worsen your injuries. 

Visit a professional physical therapist at Vida Integrated Health immediately if you notice such signs. Our physical therapists ]use a holistic approach to relieve such symptoms and improve the patient’s overall physical health.

Your Quality of Life Declines

Adequate sleep is key to enhancing the quality of your life. However, extreme pain at night will make you lose sleep. You might end up suffering insomnia, another major cause of pain escalation. Lack of sleep can increase your stress levels, affecting your mental health. 

Chronic pain will also affect your work, both in the office and at home. Those who suffer from chronic pain may find themselves cancelling plans and facing declining productivity levels. 

Such side effects will interfere with your normal life. Do not let the quality of your life deteriorate! Vida Integrated Health is here to help you regain your normal and enjoyable life. 

After a Traumatic Injury

Traumatic injuries are among the most common causes of chronic pain. A few examples of traumatic injuries include fatal car accidents, electrocutions, falls, and sports injuries. Traumatic injuries are characterized by joint dislocations, bone fractures, brain damage, and torn tissues. 

The faster you seek help, the better. Ignoring such injuries will have long-term impacts on your health. 

The first recommended step after sustaining traumatic injuries is seeing a medical expert. A good health expert will also diagnose other effects that the injuries might have caused. You will also get a better treatment plan for faster recovery.

The second step is visiting a professional physical therapist. Quality physical therapy will support the recommended treatment plan to aid your recovery. The therapy may also save you from long-term damage that could cause surgery.

Traumatic injuries tend to damage the nerves. Quality physical therapy will restore the functioning of your nerves. 

Choose Quality Physical Therapy for Your Pain Management

Chronic pain can disrupt your everyday life. Seek help from a professional physical therapy whenever you experience severe or chronic pain.

At Vida Integrated Health, we have professional physical therapists to relieve you from pain caused by traumatic injuries. We aim to improve your overall physical health after a car accident and sports or work injuries. Our other services include chiropractics, massages, functional medicine, and acupuncture. We strongly believe that by working together, we can serve you better. Contact our team today for additional information.

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