Do I Need a Consultation Before Receiving Chiropractic Care?

If you’re suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain, then visiting a professional chiropractor is the best decision for you. A good chiropractor can help adjust your body to alleviate and eventually end the pain that has been bothering you. If it’s your first time visiting a chiropractic office and you don't know what to expect, you may feel uncomfortable.
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If you’re suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain or have experienced a work, auto or sport injury then visiting a professional chiropractor is the best decision for you. An experienced Chiropractor can help adjust your body to alleviate and eventually end the pain that has been bothering you. If it’s your first time visiting a chiropractic office and you don’t know what to expect, you may feel uncomfortable.

Here are four things you can accomplish in your consultation with chiropractors

Receive a Full Examination

A consultation with a chiropractor allows them to examine you to fully understand the location and root cause of your pain. It is achieved by first assessing your medical history. This includes your family medical history, your past ailments and treatments, medications you are taking, allergies, and any long-term health conditions you may have. Studying your medical history helps the chiropractor determine if your medical past could be associated with the problem, and determine how to best support you.

A consultation enables you to have a discussion with your provider and discuss your symptoms to the chiropractor and helps the chiropractor conduct a physical examination. Describe to the chiropractor where your pain is and when you feel it the most. Chiropractors will check your reflexes and posture to better understand your problem. 

The examination could extend into further tests such as an x-ray if the chiropractors find it necessary. An x-ray will help them understand your bone anatomy. It assists to determine your bone structure and integrity and get a better grasp of your issue. 

Your chiropractor can perform an adjustment during your first appointment. If they are able to fully assess your needs, they can begin treatment right away. You won’t have to wait until your next appointment to receive care.

Discuss Your Concerns

Experiencing prolonged pain in any part of your body can interfere with your daily life.  If you have any concerns, a consultation helps you address these concerns.

They should help you understand the cause of your pain. When the chiropractor examines you, you should get a simple explanation of the issue to make sure you understand. This eases some of the tension that you had. 

A consultation helps you to understand that the problem can be addressed. Experienced chiropractors should explain how your body will be adjusted to address the issue and how long it could take for the pain to subside. 

Ask Questions

An initial consultation gives you the chance to ask any questions you have. Few people understand chiropractic care, and most new patients often have many questions. If there is anything unfamiliar, you can discuss your concerns and preferences for treatment.

You can ask questions regarding the type of adjustments the chiropractors use and what to expect during the sessions such as pain levels, duration, and how you’ll feel after the sessions. Getting these questions answered prior to your first chiropractic adjustment could help you feel more at ease. If you begin treatment without speaking to your chiropractor, you may be unprepared for the adjustments.

Determine If Chiropractic Care Is Right For You

Once you are diagnosed and have a better understanding of chiropractic care, you can decide the best treatment plan. At this point, your chiropractor should come up with an individualized chiropractic treatment plan. This is beneficial as every patient is unique and their treatment needs to be tailored to their specific needs.

The individualized chiropractic treatment plan outlines the type of adjustments and treatments to be used, the expected length of chiropractic care, and any supplements that you may need to take to best support your recovery. These are based on your medical history, diagnosis, and concerns that you discuss with the chiropractors. 

The consultation session gives the chiropractors a chance to go over the treatment plan with you to make sure the plan works for you. They might advise you on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise modifications that you need to make. This could include aspects such as diet, physical activities, and even details such as the type of shoes you wear or the mattress you sleep on. Having this information early on is key to enabling you to make a full recovery. 

Get a Consultation with a Chiropractor Today

Getting a consultation with a chiropractor is beneficial. This consultation sets the pace for your chiropractic journey. You can communicate your needs before the adjustment begins. Our offices can provide chiropractic adjustment during the initial consultation, depending on your needs. A consultation is your first appointment to plan out your chiropractic care.

For the best chiropractic care, contact Vida Integrated Health. Vida is an integrated health center where chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and functional medicine physicians work together as needed. Vida’s integrated care helps serve you better and achieve your goals.

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