Gentle Chiropractic Techniques for Neck Pain

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When you think of chiropractic treatment, you might think that it’s all about sharp movements and strenuous manipulation. Perhaps you picture someone holding a person’s head and quickly moving it to the side to manipulate their neck. Traditional chiropractic technique does often involve some quick movements and might even produce a cracking sound. However, there are plenty of gentle techniques that are used in chiropractic treatment. When you have a sore neck, it can be very painful to move even slightly. Turning your head could feel impossible if you’re in a lot of pain. Gentle chiropractic techniques can help with this, reducing pain and helping to make you more comfortable and relaxed.
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What Are Gentle Chiropractic Techniques?

Gentle chiropractic techniques do not involve rapid manipulation but instead focus on slow and smooth movements. These can be a better option for neck pain and back pain, as they provide a number of benefits. Often Chiropractors may use this technique based on their patient preference.  Some patients are not comfortable with the fast manipulation or the popping sounds it can produce. Traditional chiropractic techniques also might not be suitable for some people with previous injuries or conditions such as osteoporosis.

Cervical Mobilization

Cervical mobilization can help patients to feel more relaxed when they have chiropractic treatment for a sore neck. Using this gentle technique, the patient lies on their back to get comfortable and smooth stretches are used to help improve motion in the neck. The chiropractor uses their hands to move the vertebrae from left to right so that the bones move in a figure of eight motion. They might move the patient’s head back and forth and rotate it, using these movements to create a better range of motion.

Cervical Manual Traction

Cervical manual traction can be used with the patient either sitting up or lying down, whichever they find more relaxing and comfortable. Sometimes the person might be lying on their front, but this is less common. When they are relaxed, the chiropractor will pull the neck forward and back to stretch the spine, changing the angle as they work to make sure their patient is comfortable and that the treatment is having the desired effect. This treatment can be used together with cervical mobilization for better results.

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Cervical Drop

This treatment is given with the patient lying down, either on their side or their stomach. It makes use of a special piece of equipment that helps to loosen muscles and increase range of motion. The patient will lie on a special type of table that has a head drop piece. The head drop piece is locked into place and the chiropractor will push on the spine until the drop piece releases. The patient’s head slowly drops down, helping to reduce fixation or restricted motion without any fast or sharp movements. The neck is not rotated or turned during this treatment, which also reduces the likelihood of any cracking noises due to displaced air as the neck is moved.

Flexion Distraction Technique

The flexion distraction technique is a method to treat back and neck pain with gentle stretching of the back. The chiropractor stretches the back to align the spine, which can help to treat disk herniation. Cox flexion distraction involves applying gentle pressure to the lower spine using slow movements that are similar to a rocking motion

Causes of Mechanical Neck Pain

There can be several reasons for you to experience neck pain. Some of the most common causes of mechanical neck pain include problems such as neck strains and sprains, torticollis, cervical spondylosis, whiplash, disc derangement, and traction injuries. You might experience neck pain due to poor posture or bending over your phone or other work or hobbies. Some people find that they get a sore neck from sleeping in a bad position. Whatever the cause of your neck pain, chiropractor treatment could help you to feel better, reduce pain, and restore the range of motion.

Gentle chiropractic techniques offer an alternative way to deal with neck pain. For patients that dislike the thought of traditional chiropractic techniques or who may be unsuitable for them, these gentle chiropractic techniques can be ideal. They are a good choice for neck pain, whether you have a temporary neck ache or experience chronic neck pain. Ask your chiropractor about gentle chiropractic techniques, how they can help you and if they are suitable for you.




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